FMI present virtual museum “Motorcycle Heritage” at Novegro

Historical Register patrimony is from the beginning identify as a cultural, technical and motorcycle know how treasure. In order to endorse in a stronger way this wealth, Italian Motorcycling Federation has created “Motorcycle Heritage FMI”, a virtual museum made for whom want to give best value to the most exclusive motorbikes of his collection. At the same time of Novegro’s presentation on 7 November, will start the website, where there will be “exhibit” first vehicles of this prestigious list. Absolute value and extreme quality will represent the standard to get in the Heritage Motorcycle FMI world, and to be accepted will be necessary run for a motorcycle candidacy (built until 1975 and previously recorded in the Historical Register) which will be examined by a Historical Technical Committee. Each “suitable” motorcycles will have a page within the virtual museum that will include: photo gallery, video content, vehicle history and the data sheet. A personalized certificate with a photo of the motorcycle and a metal plate identification will be issued, and all the owners will be also involved in reserved events in order to create a real community of enthusiasts, collectors and connoisseurs of vintage motorcycles.

Paolo Sesti, Italian Motorcycle Federation President, said: “I’m really proud of this project that I followed himself and I want to thanks all those who worked on its creation. Historical Register numbers speak for themselves and we continue to grow up, so, to further enhance this heritage, it was necessary to have a new idea. Motorcycle Heritage FMI is the development of this concept that primarily represents a real cultural preservation and enhancement of our history and our traditions. I’m quite sure that this project will meet the approval of already famous collectors, but will be also an incentive for whom want to come into this exclusive list”

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