Motorcycle Heritage: FMI Historical Register under the spotlight

Rewarding motorcycle heritage excellence, represented by motorbikes recorded in the Historical Register, through the creation of a virtual museum which tells the uniqueness and the story of every motorcycle exposed. Born with this target “Motorcycle Heritage”, the new Historical Register project. “The qualitative improvement of the Historical Register has given start to a cultural and identity rise from part of the holders of registered motorcycles – says Salvatore Pascucci, Historical Register National Coordinator – this news members’ target has expressed appreciation for an additional judgment “degree” ratifying the vehicle quality. A requirement that we decided to collect giving life to this new and ambitious project. Motorcycle Heritage want to be a quality reference that give us the chance to diversify, in terms of credibility, from other historic vehicles certification institute – go on Pascucci – a certification activity based on an extensive search of unique and rare motorbikes, “bring to light” through the visibility of the virtual museum. “. This initiative applies essentially to all fans and owners of motorcycle restored or preserved in respect of total originality of each specimen. It’s Pascucci to explain, in detail, the project:

Why should a passionate apply their bikes?
“To verify and certify the originality of his motorcycle. To the motorbike not entirely original, in fact, will be recommended all the components to be replaced or the work to do for a restoration really faithful. A real high-level advice offered by many experts. And then, what better chance for a collector to express their passion through the show of their motorcycle in a museum which has an annual access for a limited number. “

How will be the process of motorcycle selecting?
“All the motorbikes have to be built until the 1975, recorded in the Historical Register and the owners must be member of Italian Motorcycling Federation. These people can apply one or more motorbike directly on the website attached some photos, news and documents required by the procedure. Every candidacy, after a preliminary examination, will be test by Historical Brand Register and by expert of every single brand-model. During this period will be possible requests for improvement action on motorbike or supplementary documentation. The admission sessions, convened two or three times a year as needed, will be managed by a Historical-Technical Commission that will be responsible for final verification of the vehicle. “

Who will take part to the Historical-Technical Commission?
“The Commission will be composed of specialists from the Historical Brand Register, expert of brand and model, some National Examiners and the Historical Register Coordianator

What will be the standard for motorcycles selection?
“We will test the originality of each component used that must necessarily be one of the era. We will reserve attention to the paint that will have the same code and brand provided by the manufacturer. Same idea for chromium plating and for row and casing. None particular will be neglected

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