Maico MC 400

MZ, manufacturer from former East Germany, with a factory in Zschopau (50 km from Dresden), it is one of Germany’s most famous motorcycle brands. In the sixties, after building racing bikes with some success, the MZ begins the production of off-road motorcycles. In the seventies it dominates the regularity race, especially the “Six-Days”, the most important event of the specialty. In the biggest cylinder capacity the MZ will have two main rivals: the motorcycles built in the Western countries and those of the Eastern bloc (as the Jawa). MZ models are characterized by the simplicity and reliability: designers decided to have good performances at low rpm instead of maximum power. The engines, derived from motorbikes on the market, were originally not designed for racing. The spread of these bikes was greatly influenced by the commercial relations of East Germany, but some units, passing from Britain, arrived in Italy and competed thanks to reknown riders as Mario Rinaldi, Romualdo Consonni, Gigi Caroli and Pierluigi Mapelli. The latter, in October 1974, imported in Italy just the unit you see in the picture. Today this motorbike is part of the prestigious collection of Alfredo Gramitto Ricci, a great fan and President of the Ancillotti Historical Register.

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