Moto Colombo 250

ThThis bike is the brainchild of Ercole Colombo from Gerenzano (VA) who, after several years as an apprentice at the Frera of Tradate, was hired by Alfa Romeo as a technical tester. The studies for the construction of a rotary valve engine started in the thirties, but the first engine Colombo-Bascialla (brother in law of Colombo) was presented to the press in 1947. It is a vertical single-cylinder four-stroke (250 cc) with conical rotary distributor and intermittent movement in radial and axial. It is actuated by means of a vertical shaft with bevel gears at the base and spur gears on the head and interposition of special profile cams. It’s an innovative system, almost unique in the world, which represents a real alternative to the traditional reciprocating movement of valves, rods, tappets and the rocker arms (in this way the engine was equipped with a continuous motion). In 1950 it was presented a second version, tested at Monza the following year. Colombo died prematurely in 1957 (due to a heart attack) and with him died his innovative experiments. The bike, forgotten for years in a private warehouse, was restored (with the consent of the heirs) from the enthusiasts Pietro Allievi and Enrico Verrini. Today you can admire this motorcycle in the Museum Frera Tradate (VA).

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