Moto Guzzi Lodola 250

The Lodola, designed by Carlo Guzzi, is a real innovation for the manufacturer of Mandello del Lario. The engine, in fact, has no longer the characteristical horizontal cylinder but a vertical tilted forward. Moto Guzzi, following the trend of the time, decided to try their hand in the production of off-road motorcycles that could also represent an interesting opportunity in terms of promotion. In 1958, Lodola 175 Regolarità entered the world stage (in reality it was a normal Lodola with suspension modified, high handlebars and changes in saddle, mudguard and exhaust). The following year it was produced the Lodola 235 Regolarità (built for off-road) that had great success among private pilots. In 1961 yet another evolution of the model (the Lodola 250 Regolarità 5M): engine switched to 250 cc. with cylinder bore chromed and five-speed gearbox (the previous model had four). This model (power of 17 hp. at 7,500 rpm) had a great success thanks to riders as Franco Dall’Ara, Costanzo Daminelli, Gianfranco Saini and Nino Tagli that drove it to numerous national and international competitions. The model you see in the picture, produced in 1962 in the Mandello del Lario factory and later sold in Bergamo, is part of a private collection in Lombardy.

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