MV Agusta 500 GP

To contrast the Japanese Honda, Count Domenico Agusta asked the manager of the Racing Department, Arturo Magni, to create a 3-cylinder motorcycle to replace the heavy and outdated 4-cylinder. In less than a year Agusta realized this new model that, after some reliability issues, proved to be one of the longest lasting and winning motorcycle in the history of motorcycling. It was used with good results from 1965 to 1973 (making his debut in the World Championship of 1966). It can boast a rich palmares: 7 World Championships, 7 Italian Championships and well 141 victories between national and international competitions. In 1973 the MV Agusta racing department developed even more the bike by increasing the maximum engine power: from 72 hp to 80 hp. After retiring from racing of MV Agusta, this bike (as well as several other models) was abandoned for years in the hangar of the Racing Department. In 1986 the collector Ubaldo Elli (big fan of the brand) was able, with a clever negotiation, to take over much of the material held in the racing department as well as a good number of complete motorcycles. This enabled him to give life to the most prestigious private collection of MV Agusta racing. As for the restoration of the bikes in question, Elli entrusted the experience and expertise of Ruggero Mazza and Lucio Castelli (former employees of the racing department of the MV Agusta).

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