Paton 125 Mondial

This bike is the brainchild of Giuseppe Pattoni (employee of the Mondial) which, with the help of Lino Tonti, turns a single-camshaft in a double-camshaft Mondial engine. The bike was very popular with private riders of the time especially for the technical characteristics combined with extremely easy to maintain. This model was used by the British rider Mike Hailwood who in 1958 took part in the TT and took a prestigious victory at Silverstone. Among the drivers who have raced with this bike we remember Gilberto Milani, Alberto Pagani and Giampiero Zubani. The engine, robust and heavy although it was only a 125cc, has an unusual feature: cylinder and cylinder head come off without varying the phase distribution as the folder with the gears remains anchored to the base. This sample was found in France in poor condition (it was used by a French rider of the time). The bike, owned by collector Roberto Anelli, has been entrusted to the care of Domenico Pettinari that, after a long restoration, managed to return to its ancient splendor. It is a real jewel to be used with extreme care since it is virtually impossible to find spare parts.

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