Terrot Motorette 300

Motorette is one of the most important models of Terrot’s production (French factory established in Dijon in 1889) that in 1902 started producing a first example of motorcycle: nothing more than a bike with a motor. This model, one of the first examples of popular vehicle, was initially equipped with an engine of 264cc produced by the Swiss company Zedel. In 1913 it moved to a 317cc (very appreciated in the market at the time). According to estimates of some experts, about ten thousand units of this model were sold between 1906 and 1918 (the war limited the production). Motorette was also used in the competitions of the early ‘900s: in 1913 won a first place in the French Grand Prix with Bange and the following year won again the same Grand Prix with Klein (riding the 223,7 miles long distance planned at the average of 37,28 mph including stops for refuelling). In 1919, with the transition to the production of the two stroke engine, the story of Motorette ends. The unit you see in the picture is a second version equipped with an engine of 317cc. and fork “pendular” (solution also used on later models produced until 1930). Note the presence of acetylene headlamp (a typical accessory of the time). This bike, restored by Domenico Banalotti from Salò, is owned by the collector Alfio Crespi.

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