In order to promote the motorcycle culture, the FMI Historical Register establishes the “Motorcycle Heritage”.


The project comes up from the desire to enhance the excellence of motorcycle heritage, represented by the motorcycles recorded in the Historical Register, through the creation of a virtual museum that tells the unique history and the experience of each motorbike exposed.
A great collection that, enhancing the technical elements of each example, tells also stories of bikers.


The aim of the Motorcycle Heritage is to give award to the historical, sporting and collectors value of those motorcycles (built before 1975) restored or preserved, which are now almost in perfect conditions. Starting from here, the concept of Heritage (literally “legacy, heritage, cultural heritage”) was born to represent a legacy of the past and, at the same time, a part of our present. A priceless heritage to identify, protect, preserve and disclose to future generations.


The nomination “Motorcycle Heritage” is reserved only for motorcycles built until 1975 (registered in the FMI Historical Register), which are perfectly restored or preserved in an excellent way. The selections, edited by a specific “Historical and Technical Committee” composed of technical experts officially accredited, will be limited and with annual frequency.
During the selections it will be verified the originality of the vehicle.


Each “suitable” motorcycles will have a page within the virtual museum that will include: photo gallery, video content, the history of the vehicle and the data sheet.
A personalized certificate with a photo of the motorcycle and a metal plate identification will be issued, and all the owners will be also involved in reserved events (details of which will be communicated from time to time on the site), in order to create a real community of enthusiasts, collectors and connoisseurs of vintage motorcycles.

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